Julie's passion for performing began at a very young age, when she would perform scenes from The Boxcar Children, as her mother read the story aloud. Eventually, Mama Bersani decided to enroll her in a children's theatre program to provide a space for her boundless energy. Not only did Julie love performing as a child, but she discovered the seed of her obsession for producing when she would force her childhood friends to re-enact the books they were reading. God bless Julie's childhood friends and their willingness to indulge her "vision." 

While enrolled at NYU - Tisch, Julie studied drama at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute and Stonestreet Film & Television Studios. After booking a strong supporting role in the indie feature film, BLUE COLLAR BOYS, Julie decided to take to LA to further develop her career as an actress and filmmaker. Julie was nominated for her performance in BLUE COLLAR BOYS at the Nova Film Festival.

In Los Angeles, Julie founded the multi-media production company, Black Poppy Productions. Under the banner of Black Poppy Productions, Julie has produced a number of independent projects including the short films WEDDING BELL BOOZE, IN THE FIRST DEGREE, THE PINK SORRYS (starring Quantico’s Anna Khaja), TAKEN TO THE CLEANER (starring Community’s Danny Pudi), and DYLAN (starring The Off Season's Rob Belushi and Young and Hungry's Aimee Carrero), as well as music videos for artists Henry Canyons and Teddy King. Julie has also produced music videos for Adam Zwig and John Legend.

Julie is also a founding member and Co-Artistic Director of Ammunition Theatre Company (or AMMO). AMMO was founded by a group of passionate artists and activists to reflect the diverse, evolving identity of America. These artists realized that although society had transformed, popular culture had not changed to illustrate that transformation – leaving many communities and their stories in the dark. By fostering original works & reimagined classics, AMMO’s mission is to celebrate these communities and their stories while inspiring the society we live in to do the same. Julie enjoys both performance and producing opportunitues as a founding member of AMMO.